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Building a new PC under 2500.00. I currently have use both technologies Intel and AMD at home. This is my 3rd homegrown PC I've built for myself. I'm an extreme gamer looking for that type of system, considering Crossfire this time over SLI. Having nothing against SLI, Just AMD has the price point this trip around. I'm looking for for my budget. This is what I have so far. Not interested in SSD until prices come way down. Planning to OC a little. not planning to do any benchmarking.

AMD build:

CPU: 1100T Thurban
Mem: G.SKILL PIS Series 4GB x 2
Video: SAPPHIRE Radeon HD 6970 2GB - Crossfire
Cooler: CORSAIR Hydro H70 - planning Dual fan
Case: Corsair Obsidian Series 800D
HDD: WD 600g VelociRaptor
CDRW/DvD: Plextor PX-L890SA
OS: Windows 7 Professional Full

In the Gigabyte QVL list it says that memory will work with the mobo (OC'd) - Will I really see a difference btwn 1333mhz and 2200?
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  1. What monitor resolution will you be using?

    1333Mhz CL7 to 2200Mhz CL9 difference? Depends on what software you're running.
    In almost every case you'd get better performance gains bumping up the CPU speed.

    Benchmarks? Nice performance gains.

    Gaming? Not so much.

    RAM intensive applications? Some.
  2. Have the Samsung P2770FH - 27" LCD going to run at Max res. @ 1920x1080 w/ AA

    I have a KVM setup so I can view all my systems with 1 mouse, monitor and kbrd.
  3. Indy-Go said:
    HDD: WD 600g VelociRaptor
    You do know that for the $310 price of a Rapor .6TB HDD you get an OCZ Vertex 2 2.5" 120GB SF 1200 SSD $200 a/r for a OS boot drive & frequently used programs with a WD Caviar Black 1TB 7200 RPM 64MB Cache SATA 6.0Gb/s 3.5" HDD $80 for storage?
  4. Don't like the First generation SSD's... will wait a few years to see how they evolve. I grew up on Ultra / LVD SCSI machines still in Love the 10k. :sol:

    I do appreciate you and your feedback thank you.
  5. First Gen SSDs?
    No one is suggesting a stone age SSD.
  6. Quite the Contrary - I'm the one stuck as the Stone aged Ultra SCSI - like drives that i Hve grown quite fond of over the last few decades. I blame myself entirely upon SSD decision making.
  7. I date back to the days when the preferred storage medium was open reel 1/2" mag tape.

    If you're not in a hurry to build the 2nd Gen Core i7 Sandy Bridge (and next gen SandForce 2000 controller SSDs) will be out soon.

    1156/1366/AM3 sockets don't have an upgrade path. AMD next gen CPUs will need an AM3+ motherboard.
    1155 Sandy Bridge will be able to use the Ivy Bridge CPUs when they're available.

    i7-2600K Sandy Bridge vs X6 1100T Thuban
  8. I know the Sandy Bridge is dreamy isn't she? I was all gung ho on making that system work for me b4 the recall. I was right there at the button to "buy me". Something in the back of my head said STOP and talk to your wife about it. LoL... see where that got me.. here i am :D

    Thanx for the Website.
  9. I understand the potential greatness of SSD's over conventional Mech HDDs.. I've read plenty on the SSD limits and the Longevity of the actual life of the drive degrades significantly from use more so than the mechanicals HDD's and even tho SSD's are rounding 3 yrs old makes me wonder how much they've evolved from when i first had rread about them.

    an article from 2008:

    SSDs can suffer from inferior random write and sequential write times because the data on an SSD is stored in kilobyte-size blocks. Adding more data to a block is a time-consuming process: The SSD copies the entire contents of the block to RAM, changes the data in the block, erases the original block of data on the SSD, and writes the changed block back to the SSD.

    I wonder if this has been solved. I don't want to spend money on something thats not going to outlast my Mechanical for the price I pay for it. Every USB flash drive i've had has always degraded in Xfer rates over time of extensive use.

    I hadn't noticed any level of degradation on any 10k+ rpm drive i've ever owned on excessive use thru a 3 - 5 year period. Like most of my jump drives I've owned in the past. Just fearful a bit on by an expensive Flash drive for my data.

    I would go All SCSI but its rare to find any Controllers that are made for the old PCI slot that are now made for PCI express for less than 400.00+ I remember when Adaptec 2940 series controller was my house hold name and it all cost under 150.00 for card and drive. The SCSI Ultra360 has gone up crazy prices in the last decade. Disappoints me.
  10. Something a little more recent. That same outfit giving a "Best of the Best" for Performance Hard Drive award to a *gasp* SSD
  11. I wanna see the double edge sword play with that... after R & W for a few years and see if its as fast as it was against its upcoming competition :P
  12. Quote:
    You do know that for the $310 price of a Rapor

    310.00?? new egg is selling it for 270.00.

    Agreed it could be cheaper with the SSD solution. I'm still skeptical on it.

    I appreciate you feedback.
  13. I think waiting for SB would be a good idea.
    If you want to buy now, my only other suggestion is that you consider the white NZXT Phantom. Not only is it a solid case, but it matches the PSU nicely also. :D And the Corsair 800D is ridiculously overpriced imo.
  14. I drool over the 800D and frankly a Large Aluminum Tower takes my breath away and is worth its wait in gold if you never have to see the wires :D. I really Love the back plate on the mobo tray also. Canny beat hot swappable drives - if that's your solution for Multiple drives and its there as well if you ever Need to. Its been a long time since I've found a Tower that has all the right Architecture in it - that i will benefit from in the long run (5+ or more years to come) that i can rely upon if so needed. Tooless designed at that.. (canny stop watching the videos on you tube about this case) hard to find its equal. Don't care how much the case is for all the bells and whistles that thing comes with. Its just a personal preference I suppose. :sol:

    NZXT Phantom - the problem I have with it is that its Plastic / Steel. I'm a Aluminum / light steel type of guy (the better kind of Aluminum the better) I want a case that can act like a heat sink Just like the Zalman or Prolimatech I've got sitting on my processor, and again that's just personal preference. Honestly I'm not going to deny the Phantom its just due, it is a nice case, good airflow, removable mobo tray and it is a Full tower so it gets Respect.

    I appreciate the help thank you.
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