GTX 295 Only shows GPU Usage for one GPU?

Hello, I just started noticing this recently, but whenever I run EVGA Precision to monitor temps and such, I noticed that it says only one GPU is being used?

When playing Bad Company 2, GPU 2 will be at 94% usage, while GPU 1 sits at 0%. Does this for all my games.

The weird thing is I'm fairly certain that both GPU's are in fact being used. In my device manager it shows 2 GTX 295's, and I run intense games like Bad Company 2, Metro 2033, and even Crysis with no visible framerate lag. So if only 1 GPU was being used, I don't think I would be running these games at max settings with no FPS lag.

Another thing is that the temperatures for both GPU's are pretty much the same. At most they are only 5 degrees apart.

So is this something I should look into, or is this just a little glitch with EVGA Precision?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Then try another software like GPU-Z:

    Report back again about your result. :)
  2. Alright, I'll give that a try tomorrow and post my findings.
  3. I'll be waiting...
  4. Yea, even with GPU-Z it's still showing GPU 2 at 90ish and GPU 1 at nothing. My games run fine, so should it really be something I should look into, or just say its a weird anomaly and not worry about it?
  5. Do you have the latest version of Precision?

    I had this problem with earlier versions of Precision and my GTX 295.

    Also, do you have SLi patches applied?
  6. I have recently reinstalled Windows 7 so I would assume its the latest version. It's version 2.01.

    SLI patches? If by that you mean the EVGA SLI Enhancement Patch than yes, I do have that installed.
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