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Usually I don't generally look to outside suggestions for hardware recomendations but today I have an interesting situation. I have an AMD Phenom II 965 I bought as a replacement for a CPU that had died (third RMA that had died in a row). Unfortunatly I had not realized that the steping had changed so the motherboard I was using not longer recognizes the CPU or has a BIOS update that would allow the board to recognize the CPU.

So this brings me to my question; I am looking for an AM3+ motherboard that will run the above AM3 CPU then be able to have a Piledriver (if AMD gets there sutff together) put into when those chips come out latter. Generally an easy question to answer, but from what was posted in the Bulldozer review here (Tom's Hardware) and some other reading my situation sounds like I would have to buy a buldozer CPU anyhow I order to flash the UEIF (preferably) down to run the AM3 CPU.

If the above (having to buy another CPU to flash the UEIF down) is not the case I am looking for an ATX board in the 150-220$ (can go a little(+30$) higher as I intend to use this board for a while) range that has Crossfire (3 card capable prefered) compatiablity using UEIF not BIOS for the firmware. Other amenities (6Gb SATA, USB 3.0) are not nesscesarry but are a plus. Finally no integrated video, I know most boards in the range I said don't have it but still, its not requiered. Thanks all.
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  1. I guess I should have posed this more as a question. Will I with any of the above found boards, have to have a Bulldozer CPU in order to flash the motherboard firmware down in order to run the AM3 CPU from my orriginal post? Or can I flash them down with my current CPU?
  2. which is ur current cpu?
  3. well above all AM3+ Motherboard support all processor u can check on their respective site under ther cpu support list in their respective motherboard models and AM3+ motherboard support not only bulldozer but AMD PhenomIIX6,X4s...coz im alos using Gigabyte 990FXA-UD5 with AMD PhenomIIX4 970 BE
  4. oh i didnt see ur CPU is AMD PhenomIIX4965? IF So then im sure any of the above Board is suitable for UR cpu Specially Gigabyte 990FX-UD5 my personel exp also u can check in it website:http://www.gigabyte.in/products/product-page.aspx?pid=3891#
  5. Quote:
    1.) what was / is that motherboard in question.?

    Here a the link to the thread that I started that showed me there is no CPU support:


    Additionally the reason I am concerned about the flashing or not is: (Quote from page two of AMD Bulldozer Review: FX-8150 Gets TestedAMD Bulldozer Review: FX-8150 Gets Tested)

    If you already own a Socket AM3+-equipped board, you need to flash its firmware with a Socket AM3-based processor installed before upgrading to an FX CPU. The firmware updates AMD’s AGESA (AMD Generic Encapsulated Software Architecture) to support the Bulldozer architecture.

    Enthusiasts still running previous-generation Thuban- or Deneb-based Phenom IIs may not want to adopt these FX-enabling BIOS updates. We hear from the motherboard vendors that the performance of an older processor could be negatively affected by extensive changes made to the AGESA.

    I am hoping that one does not have to have a Bulldozer CPU in order to flash to a previous version of the firmware as most if not all new motherboards have the Bulldozer firmware pre-intalled now.
  6. Here is what i did, i recently built a Sabertooth 990FX AM3+ setup. but after months of researching i figured out you have to use a AM3 processor (With the old BIOS version that it came with) and with AI Suite 2 i was able to flash the bios in windows and once i updated the BIOS i turned off the Computer and popped in my FX 6100. but performance wise i recommend the 8 core FX 8120 or 8150. but its easy as long as your willing to re-install windows. But most likely if you get one of the new ones. from new egg it should have the latest bios
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