Looking to upgrade my computer!

Well I'll start off by saying that I'm sort of a computer noob, so if you could get specific with me that would be great! :D

I ran a "Can you run it test" and these were my results as well as the recommended specs.

I would like to do this is cheap as possible but I don't really even know where to start because I've heard compatibility can be an issue if you are just upgrading certain parts. Who knows a new PC might even be the best option here but I really have no idea :(

Note: I've never upgraded hardware or built my own computer before but I might be able to get the help of someone who has.
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  1. Hello DurfDaniels;
    You didn't mention what parts you already have.
    Make and model of computer if it's a prebuilt PC.
  2. Sorry >_<

    Turns out I'm better off building a new PC I don't even know where to start >_<
  3. It's probably a good idea to open a new topic.

    Fill out the format shown in the sticky topic:
    *How To Ask For New Build Advice*

    To get an idea what some price ranges and hardware look like preview the topic:
    Recommended Builds by Usage
  4. You could overclock your CPU, upgrade your RAM, and replace your video card with something more modern. Well that's assuming your motherboard allows for overclocking. Even if you have 4GB, your 32-bit OS will see less depending on how much address space is used by other devices like your video card so you won't hit that recommended number :D. Even so, I wouldn't worry about it. You may not have the recommended specs, but you probably have the min :p
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