Advice 4 U: How to Build $400 Budget Gaming PC (as of 2/14/11)

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  1. Not that great of an idea. First, that PSU is absolutely horrible. You really can't get much lower quality. You really shouldn't trust it at all. Instead, grab the Rosewill Challenger case for $55 and pick up a good Antec 430W for $45. You'll end up spending more, but it's worth it.

    Second, you're wasting a good $15 on a DVD burner. The cheapest ones are usually around $16 with no shipping, and there is no difference between models.

    Third, that RAM isn't the best. You can get faster sticks for less (counting the rebate).

    Finally, while the HD 5670 is decent, I don't consider it good for gaming. I'd HIGHLY recommend trying to fit the HD 5770 in the build for $30-40 more. You'll get a huge amount of additional power for not much added cost.
  2. Great ideas. Too bad every one of them makes it cost more than $400 which is the entire point.
  3. If you put the $20 saved on this Antec Three Hundred Computer Case w/ BP430 430W Power Supply $59.99AR Free Shipping (the case/PSU you linked actually costs $79.98 after shipping)+ $10 for a cheaper LITE-ON DVD burner $19.99 (the one you listed actually costs $29.98 with shipping) + $6 by going with the cheaper RAM (after rebates) suggested by MadAdmiral + $8 leftover from your budget that would give you $44 to put towards upgrading the GPU to a 5770 while still keeping you under $400 and giving you imho better parts overall too.
  4. I fail to see how "every one of them" causes the price to go over $400 when two of the four are CHEAPER than what you've picked out. The DVD burner saves $14, the RAM saves $6. Of course, that's counting shipping, which you didn't consider in the original post. With all the parts you've choosen, the total shippng is $22, which makes the total cost would have been $417 after rebates, which is already over the $400. If you just change the RAM, optical, case/ and PSU, you'd spend the exact same. If you didn't change the case, you'd actually be under budget by $3. I know the 5770 will put it over $400, but it's well worth the $41 you'd be over budget, counting the $14 you're already over for shipping.

    By the way, that optical drive you linked to isn't $23. It's $26, with $4 shipping.

    ^That's a good deal, but the Antec 300 isn't as good of a case as the Rosewill Challenger. It only comes with a single fan. Also, the BP430 is lower quality than the Earthwatts 430W. Still, using that deal, the HD 5770 then comes into budget. Actually, with all the changes I've suggested, and that combo, the total comes to $401 with shipping.
  5. MadAdmiral said:

    ^That's a good deal, but the Antec 300 isn't as good of a case as the Rosewill Challenger. It only comes with a single fan.

    I just wanted to let people know...the 300 actually has a rear-mounted 120mm TriCool fan as well as a top-mounted 140mm TriCool fan – both with 3-speed switch control – draw air through the case.

    In addition, there's space for an additional pair of 120mm fans behind the front bezel to cool the HDD’s as well as the option to mount a third 120mm fan on the side of the case to cool the GPU.
  6. Forgot about that top fan. I never count the number of spots where you could add fans. Given how much fans cost, you'd do better just to buy a case with the number of fans needed than to buy a cheaper one without the fans. Here's the direct link to the case on Newegg.

    I'd wait on the DVD burner. There is typically one on Newegg for $16 or $17 with free shipping. No reason to pay even an extra $3 on a non-essential, non-performance part.
  7. And here is a better Case and PSU for $85, although it does tilt the price slightly above $400 at $407...

  8. Thanks for the help, guys.
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