Hi guys,

running dual 5970 one is a 2 gig and the other a 4 gig.
so far, is it the case that the 6000 series is not THAT much of an improvement over the 5000 series?

I always upgrade a few times a year, or atleast once a year, but have been reading that the 5970's, despite being a little older, are more than enough power and can even hold their own against, whats the latest top model..I dont even remember...6970?

Just wondering, when it does come out, if it will be worth the upgrade or will the performance between what i have and the top 6000 card be so small to notice?

Like to have the latest and greatest, preferably for a perf boost..

thanks for any feedback
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  1. Heheh....I don't see 'any' reason for you to upgrade!

    The 5970 is basically a dual 5870 (slightly underclocked) on one card. So basically, what you're running is technically four 5870's. Which game on the planet can you not max out on that setup? Running dual 5970's is pretty much as good as it can get!
  2. Upgrade to 4 6970s
  3. Agree, you already has two beast inside your PC, no need to upgrade... Seriously.
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