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i have a itel motherboard IMGB13003464AAA48535-903, the ram that is in it now is samsun 020 256/16 RIMM, 256X2 CK800.
i'm looking to upgrade. the motherboard has 4slots only using 2 can i p;ut in 2 512 and move the 256s to the emty slots ? and where can i buy the 512s. need help !.
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  1. RIMM modules are nearly impossible to find. I made the mistake of buying a RIMM based P4 back in the day, and after only 1 year, I was unable to find extra RIMM modules ANYWHERE, not to mention they were extremely overpriced.

    I would try EBAY - even then it's not a sure fire way of getting the correct RIMM modules.

    Instead, I would save up some money for a newer build.
  2. Yes, newer build would be by far the best upgrade.
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