In need of a middle unit, build suggestions please.

First I have to say props to 'malmental' when he knows something he knows something even when Dell says differently.
Thanks guy wherever you are.
I have an i7 LGA1366 mini-tower unit and solid Satelite Notebook i5 with nVidia GTS350M.
I think I want something in between (desktop, smaller) and to build myself.
Also I'm thinking AMD Athlon II X3 or Phenom II X3 and mATX siz with mini-tower or smaller size case.
Any help please?
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  1. $615AR?
  2. @ batuchka
    a little too much with the cpu and the gfx card, like 'mal' stated I have a killer unit already, thanks.
  3. Yep this was my $6XX hybrid HTPC-cum-gamer config for Full HD LCD TVs - one could naturally scale down as per needs/budget hehe
  4. it's a rockin' build I will say that. LOL
  5. Thank you for your kind words ^^ What would be the main use of this proposed project?
  6. well I use my Dell i7 for gaming and some heavier task
    and my laptop is an awesome unit for travel.
    I do not want to go into the study and isolate myself from everything else becuase that's where the Dell is, no kids allowed.
    I need a smaller unit for the front of the house for HTPC, internet, video, going to need MS Office, etc.
    maybe even a light game or two.
    going to need two or three different profiles becuase different needs for usage.
  7. Hmm in that case perhaps something like

    Rana X3
    880G IGP - HD 5670
    2-4GB DDR3
  8. 3 for 3 mal... :)
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