SLI 8800GTS vs ATI HD 4850

So im deciding weather to get dual 8800GTS 512mb SLI or should i go with a 1gig ATI Radeon HD 4850. Which is better? Im really just trying to get the best out of starcraft II.
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  1. second hand cards......why dont you just get a new card.....
  2. Are there any other available cards for you, or are these the only ones?
  3. gts 8800 sli will do better,however there are many new choices instead of those.
  4. Im basically getting these for free so i just want to know which ones are better. Im kind of broke at the moment. Thanks for the advice mrjericho. I would like a couple more opinions tho. Thanks!
  5. Go for the 8800 GTS SLi. It wouldn't be a good idea to get a 4850 and then CF it. You should buy better graphics card(s) when you get richer :D
  6. if they are free, just get both. but the 8800gts in sli woud be fast
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