Evga what kind of quality?

Im looking at getting a evga gtx 570 this week and was wondering if they make good cards that last? What kind of caps they use? The brands im thinking of getting are asus, evga, msi. Im looking at evga becuase of the lifetime warranty. If there is a better company please let me know.

I have

amd 955 oc to 3.9 gigs

4 gigs of gskill ddr3 1600

asus crosshair 4 formula

2 wd black raid-0 setup

geforce gtx 260 oc
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  1. Lifetime warranty, while a good offer, isn't all that. Normally, you'd be using a graphics card for about 1-2 years, so for that limited time the lifetime warranty isn't useful. Yes, if you're planning to stick on with it for a good 3-5 years, it makes sense. Because the way new GPU's are being released, one would be upgrading frequently.

    Asus and MSI are excellent brands and offer warranties too, though not lifetime. But enough warranty to cover a good amount of usage time on the GPU. I would highly recommend MSI due to their quality. Asus is good too, and so is EVGA. Consider the lifetime warranty, but don't let that rule your decision. Go for the one which is best/ cheapest and most appealing to you.
  2. my biggest thing about evga is do they use good caps like msi and asus? A couple lines bad they had some bad caps come out and just making sure if i win't with them i wasn't seting my self up.
  3. I've heard of more issues with EVGA as compared to MSI or Asus. That's why I'd recommend you go with MSI. Their stuff is top notch and rarely would you have problems, whether with caps or any other parts.

    No manufacturer is perfect and one cannot guarantee 100% on the products. That's why we get warranties. There can always be that one odd piece which turns out faulty/ defective. Imo, those chances are rarest with MSI. I've been using their products for years and till date I haven't faced any issues (Touchwood!!:) )
  4. You said that EVGA offers lifetime warranty, right? So, get that card. EVGA is one of best brand out there...
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