What is the best hd 6870 overclocking ? ?

Just like in the title, what is the best hd 6870 for overclocking?? Xfx ,xfx be, msi , sapphire, asus, powercolor or gigabyte??

what about the asus HD 6870 ,that is what they say about the card

This effectively dissipates heat away from the GPU allowing it to work harder and deliver superb performance delivering 20% cooler operation. ASUS exclusive Voltage Tweak Technology which can boost performance by up to 50%; as well as this; users can benefit from 20% more coolness during game play and up to 35% less noise;

is this any different from all the other hd 6870 cards? any real performence difference between the asus and others? ?? ?
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  1. I think it's pretty safe to say that reference cards will overclock the best. Reference cards are USUALLY (not sure if MOST of the time) have a AMD badge on the PCB bottom of the card near the part of the card where you stick it into the pci-e slot on your motherboard.

    This is because these companies make revisions to the graphics cards and often skimp on quality parts, opting for lower prices for you to purchase at a discount. Therefore try to find a reference card.

    Also, if you want a guaranteed overclock, you can try the overclocked versions which is pretty much plug and play. Each card is different so if you get a reference designed card, don't be disappointed with results. It's the world we live in! :pt1cable:
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