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My spec is Core to Quad 2.3 GH L2 cash 4mb , 4GB DDR-2 Ram , 2 Hard-disk .one Samsung DVD re-writer , Graphic card is Nvida 8600 GT and my psu is Thermaltake 420w TR-2 .
Recently why playing the new hot pursute game my pc is over heating and re-starting automatically after playing for 40 minute or more . I am suspecting my psu is the problem. My graphic card temp rises to 80C & my core temperature is 65C . If dont play games then there is no problem with my pc .
Is it my psu problem or any thing else . If it is my psu problem then according to my configuration how many watt psu do i need and what is the amount of Amps do i need from the 12v rail .
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  1. How does a PSU cause things to over heat? Sounds like a lot of older parts, the heatsinks are probably just covered in dust. Open up the case and dust it out. (can of air works great.)
  2. While playing GTA-IV , Undercover and the new hot pursute , My computer hangs for a moment and then there was a black out . I have also seen that in my casing where the psu is located becomes the hottest part compare to the other part of the casing . I have also cleaned my pc recently . So no problem of dust .
  3. 80c for your gfx is considered hot but not out of the ordinary.
    Your cpu hitting 65c under load imo is an indication that you need to take a closer look to it's cooling.
    So i suspect your rig is restarting due to cpu heat.
    Try to re-apply new thermal paste, preferably a arctic silver type compound.
    If you are using a stock cooler replace it with an aftermarket one.
    After this see how the system holds up after that.
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    Your PSU, though ordinary, still has enough to drive your rig.. The problem, as everyone has deciphered above, is surely due to inadequate airflow causing excess heat to build up inside your case.. So take care of your cooling needs first.. A 100 dollars can fetch you an Antec 300 case and a Coolermaster Hyper 212 plus cooler.. That should be enough to take away your heat issues.. If you have more, do change your PSU also.. Something like the Corsair CX 430 or an Antec EA 430D will be adequate..
  5. What we have here is an old outdated inefficient psu(has a fuse) that only delivers 350W.
    I'd venture to guess it's overheating too,along with your gpu.
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