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I have previously had a wireless network set up working OK.
I have a new wireless modem (DSL-2740B). I can only access the internet if the Ethernet cable is plugged in - not via wireless. I have checked SSID and encryption are the same.
I THINK the problem is with the WLAN Card - if I run the 'Survey' function to make it look for my SSID I get this error message:
Access Violation at address 0042CFAD in module Wireless.exe. Read of address 00143001.
If I set the SSID to the correct name I get 'you have a connection with an access point' but that's all.

It feels like the WLAN card isn't right somehow?

Any thoughts ?
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  1. Make sure you have the right driver for the card. Check Control Panel, System, Hardware, Device Manager to see if its listed or yellow flagged as faulty.

    If this is a PCI adapter I would also disable any spare ports in the computer's BIOS (COM, Parallel Printer Port, Game/Midi)

    Try reloading the driver.

    If the card then works (finds wifi networks) but problems persist I would try turning off wireless security temporarily in the router and check that wireless mode is correct.
  2. Thanks - I'm away from home right now but will give this a go!
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