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Seriously, I have had it with this nvidia display driver has stop responding it happens to be every half an hour like twelve times a day my computer is COMPLETELY done for has to be restarted black screen no recover. There is NOTHING I can do. Clean installed windows tried newest drivers. Clean installed windows tried older drivers. Same crash same problem. Windows 7 64. Honestly, What am I suppose to do? Use 32 bit and keep myself at 3GB of RAM because theres no fix to this problem at all. ZERO PROGRAMS running in the background clean install only put my drivers and nvidia drivers on and my game and still the same problem. There are probably thousands of these threads but I want an updated answer although I doubt there is one. Buy a new video card series and hope for the best? Using a 295GTX
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  1. you mean you pc stays on for like 30mins?? once again format you drive and install windows, download driver off nvidia site and install if nothing helps, there could be problem with you card's bios(quite possible), then send it back and get a replacement.
  2. My cards bios? NO this has been happening for years on every video card I used 8800 Ultra 280 GTX 295 GTX. My PC stays on for 30 minutes when im playing a game because nvidia display driver error comes up and just owns my computer to the point of no recovering. very common issue.

    I read through hundreds of forums and they just end with no solution. I turned off the PCI power link management and same problem. Disabled all windows visuals and apperances in the theme and no help.
  3. What sis your current PSU? brand? model? How old?
  4. I completely Disabled Every theme, animation, shadow and everything in windows and havn't had a crash yet. Although it has only been two days it could come up soon. Why would the default windows 7 theme cause an nvidia display driver to stop responding is beyond me. Sometimes I do get the error even when I'm not in a game just on the desktop.

    As for my PSU
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