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Ok this might be a newbie question, but I just want to make sure. I just built a computer for gaming, in fact this is my first build period. I started with an intel core i5 2500k with a gigabyte ud3p motherboard and a gtx 480. I have 12 gigs of cosair ram and 1 TB sata hd and a dvd burner. The power supply I bought was the cosair gs 600 watts, so I'm guessing the problem is my power supply. My computer restarts out of nowhere when I play games. If my power supply is insuffienent, what should I get instead? Also I have read about the p67 chipset recall. I read on the gigabyte website that they will have a new fix in April and they say to go to the store where I bought it at for a switch, but when I call Microcenter they tell me I have to contact gigabyte. Anyone else buy any of those motherboards? Thanks for helping
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  1. If it restarts while your playing games, something may be overheating?
    I don't know the specifics of what power supply you would need.
    I think most people have encountered this problem at some point, the processor overheating due to a faulty/blocked/removed and thermal paste no reapplied, processor
  2. I agree with NoCanDo, I would check your temps. But it also could very well be your power supply. I would also check to make sure that every is connected properly(all your power connectors). Make sure you have all of the power connectors for your video card connected.
  3. I dunno if this will help but, you did mention that you had a gigabyte mobo - they can be kinda finicky when you first set them up especially the newer mobos. I'd give this a read through, it explains towards the middle about Troubleshooting reboots. Very good read.
  4. 1. Make sure RAM is manually set in BIOS to manf specs.
    2. Memtest86 overnight for at least 8 passes.
    3. Check temps with HW Monitor by CPU ID, or Realtemps.
    4. If temps ok, Prime 95 to test CPU. 12 hr stress test with small ffts.
    5. Corsair GS should have no issues powering everything. That PSU really isn't up to normal corsair standard though.
  5. thanks for all the replies, i will check everything. also my ram is different. i have 8 gigs (4x2) and 4 gigs (2x2) both corsair 9-9-9-27
  6. Different RAM kits is an issue. Even from same company, if kit's aren't same model then always chance of compatibility issue.

    Try removing the 2 2gb kits and see if that stabilizes.
  7. i will try that, and run some games to see if it shuts down
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