Will low res bottleneck high end VGAs ?

hi guys , just wanna know if GTX 460 will be Bottlenecked at 1440 Res !

because i know that GTX 460 is overkill for that res , i get this Words like this : GTS 460 will be more than enough .

but truth maybe like this : it may get bottlenecked because its power goes wasted at that Res .

which Opinion is Correct ?

Oh i saw that ATI 6870 woukld run GTA iv SO FAST !

i wish if GTX 460 could run GTA IV that fast at my Res .

Only Draw distance were at 50 % rest of setings were Maxedout wiht 1900 Res ( i saw at YOutube ) !

I saw no difference with my Own eyes in GTA IV 30 FPS & 50 FPS ! both were same ! both were so fast so why fps goes 20 % higher what ios the Difference when there is no LAg in game & Game run so fas t ?
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  1. What you will get is at low resolutions the processor will be a bottleneck to the GPU so theres no point in a good GPU unless you have a good CPU
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