Does overclocking void the warranty of an i7 950 and/or an ASUS P6X58D-E

My friend has a suspected dead motherboard or CPU, he overclocked it before but only tried a few times and went back to stock settings, a few days ago after restarting, it just says no signal on his screen, he checked everything already and came up with only either the board or the CPU, he is SURE overclocking didnt kill it but since he overclocked it before, will the warranty be voided
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  1. Quote:
    well i overclocked my old amd system, they still replaced my Asus mobo after it died, just when they asked me if i had overclocked on it i just said no, otherwise they go into this LONG list of questions...

    anyway shouldnt be a problem as long as he tells a little white lie ;) .

    thanks he's a good liar anyway ( in a good way) :)
  2. well the box on the i7-950 from last year makes no mention of voiding warranty from over clocking ^^.
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