Hd 5870 vs HD6950?

which of these cards are more powrfull? I am going ti be gaming at 1980 x 1080, and I do plan to crossfire later? cheers
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  1. According to tomshardware the 6950 has awsome scaling . Almost 90%Most of the time. 5870 is not as good in crossfire compared to 6950 . 6950 also has some new features like 3d etc. Therefore i would go with 6950.
  2. The HD 5870 would be a more powerfull solution in a single card setup for gaming at the given resolution but as far a crossfire goes the 6950 all the way!! due to it's fantastic scaling & in the future you might also be working at a higher resolution that could possibly utilise the 2gig frame buffer thus making the 6950 a better all-rounder. :wahoo:
  3. Plan on crossfire later, right?
    So absolutely go for HD6950. Just like the other said above, 6xxx series are scaled better on CF. :)
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