Need a little help in avoiding static discharge when building

I hope this is the correct place to post this.

I am about to put together my new system. But I've recently discovered a problem. I only have carpet in my house, sans the kitchen, but isn't a good place to put a PC together.

I do have my table/desk what have you (example). Have a rolling chair as well.

Hoiw can I build, safely, without damaging my new rig? I don't have an anti-static wrist strap either.
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  1. Also note: No store in my area carries anti static wrist straps. That is unless I want to drive 1hr to get one.
  2. Hello? Anyone?
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    Just make sure every time you walk around and come back to the computer that you discharge any static buildup on the case or some other metal object that is grounded. Taking your socks off on the carpet is also a good idea.

    I do lots of work on my computer on rugs, and always discharge before working. It hasn't failed me yet. If you feel so compelled to get an anti-static strap, you can get them cheap online on Amazon/Newegg.
  4. Yeah, if I would have thought about it early enough, I would have bought one. But since I'm already receiving my items (yesterday, today, and 2 tomorrow) don't really want to wait for it to be shipped to me.

    I'm always barefoot in my house...I guess that's why I get shocked 6-10 times a shift at work and 0 times at home?
  5. I would say back in the day you need an anti-static strap but with the new stuff I can't say that it is needed. I have never shorted anything this way.
  6. I'll give it a go. If I short anything, I know who to hunt down LOL :lol:

    In all seriousness, I'll go ahead and just take precautions. I'll keep my hand/arm on the case at all times, if possible.

    Thanks guys :hello:
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  8. You don't have to continually touch the case, since you only generate static when you rub against the carpet with, say, your feet/socks. I just do it every time I get up to get something and then come back.
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