Corsair AX750 or HX750?

I'm getting a new PSU and I'm choosing between the ax750 or the hx750, they are both on sale right now. I'm wondering if there are any big difference between the 2 PSU's? Performance and features?

Any advice would be appreciated

Thanks in advance!
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    Both are spectacular units, the HX 750 was actually rated 80+ Gold by Ecos but corsair sold and marketed it as 80+ silver because it couldnt quite do Gold at 50C, they are both great units with similar efficiency, modular cables, and great performance, i would go for which ever one happens to be cheaper if there is a significant difference in price.
  2. There is like a $15 difference between the 2 right now, so should i go for the hx750?
  3. AX is the top line. HX and TX are identical except that HX is modular.

    No matter which one you get it's going to kick ass, they are among the most stable and powerful PSUs available.
  4. I too thought the HX and TX were identical at one time, however, they are actually different platforms, the HX 750 and HX 850 are CWT DSG while the 750/850 TX are CWT PSH, the TX-C is CWT PSH II, and the TX-V2 are Seasonic built, just a heads up ;)

    With that small of a price difference its a difficult choice, normally i would go for the cheaper one but $15 more ontop of a $130 PSU isnt much so it makes the AX 750s fully modular cables a bit more tempting, its really up to you both are solid picks and about even.
  5. for 15$ difference get the AX no questions asked ;)
  6. Thanks for the advice guys just got the ax750 awhile ago, its true that I had a hard time choosing between the two. $15 difference for getting the top of the line psu really tempted me! Gonna put this on my rig tom. after work and hopefully everything goes well! Fingers crossed!
  7. Hard to screw up when you're choosing between two awesome psu's.
    I have a HX750 and didn't have a problem choosing = no such thing as an AX750 at the time.
  8. The price alone would answer that, but either one will not disappoint.
  9. AX750 is up and running! It's really quiet! I'm not getting any random reboot anymore too! Hopefully this psu will last me for a long time
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