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I have razor abyssus 1800 dpi mouse,the mouse pointer stops moving i.e stuck in one place checked it on win xp and win 7 cant figure out whats the problem coz only the pointer is stuck while the left and right click works

Its a usb mouse once its in the above state if i dissconnect the usb and reconnect the mouse doesnt power on

i have installed the proper drivers as given in startup guide any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated
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  1. I'd plug in another mouse and see if the problem persists, or plug that mouse into another computer.

    I am guessing the mouse is buggered.
  2. Does the mouse function properly on a different system ?
    Try to de and re-install all mouse related drivers, can be a buggy driver as well.
    Ultimately remove all usb ports / hubs from device manager and let windows re-detect them after a fresh boot.
  3. I would try CompTIA's suggestions first. I wouldn't suggest going through removing all the USB ports from device manager UNLESS nothing works in the USB ports.
  4. I tried it on a different system , tried reinstalling drivers,tried new drivers but still no success it still gets stuck even I m starting to guess the mouse may be bugged thanks for the info
  5. Mice are bog standard. If it doesn't work out of the box for basic functions on any machine, the mouse is dead.
  6. it does work flawlessly on mac so guessing there are driver issues though no drivers were installed on mac os cant seem to pin point the problem
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