CPU Fan speed weird problem

Hi! recently i have this weird problem.

My CPU cooler used to go up to 5000rpm.Now it doesnt seems to go higher than 3300rpm.

Weird part is that even when i disable the Smart Fan function from BIOS (which should set the fan on max) its still cannot go past 3292rpm.

But yesterday with Smart Fan function disabled, the speed went automatically to around 4000RPM for a while to cool the CPU, then it automatically went down again. When in fact, it should have automatically adjusted its speed, if Smart Fan function was ENABLED. WTF? :heink:

I tried with Easy Tune 5 to set it to 100% and it still wont go pass 3300rpm. I tried SpeedFan too and the same situation. Ive cleaned the cooler too and no positive results.

Anyone has a clue why CPU cooler is acting like this?
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  1. maybe there is a physical speed switch on the fan as well?
  2. what cooler is it?
  3. There is no switch on it. Also it's an stock cooler for AMD X2 6000+
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    Hmm. There's really only 2 logical conclusions I can think of.

    Either the fan is dying, or else something in the BIOS was changed. In the BIOS it could be that the "max temp" is too high (this would be the temp at which the fan hits 100%) or there could be an artifical wall (like a setting: max fan speed 60%), or simply a cpu cooling default feature set like quiet mode/standard mode/performance mode.
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