My name is Prashant,
My pc config is intel g41 rq, c to d, 2 gb ddr2 ram I am not using any graphic card yet. 400 v SMPS

I play pop4 swos, moh, but the game is working very slow I want a good graphic card but my friend suggest me change my config to amd M4N78 Mobo, phenom 550 processor and 2 gb ddr3 ram.

What should i do please help me weather I buy graphic card or chang my config..

Thank you....
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  1. What CPU are you using? You are on integrated graphics, which is very very very very very slow.

    You can buy something like the Radeon HD 5670. It's way better than integrated graphics, and your CPU won't bottleneck it.

    I suggest you get a graphics card instead of changing your config. You will benefit more from it.
  2. Thanks.............
  3. Yeah, GT240 or HD5670 is the best card you can get with that SMPS 400W PSU.
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