WDS connection lost when router reboots


Ok I'll try to give clear explanation of my problem

The router 1 ( P660HW) catches the internet and spreads it by wds to 2 other routers ( 2, 3)( P660HW) and 2 AP/bridges (4, 5)(wap3205).

When the router1 reboots( for any reasons) the wds link to the remote routers is restored (normal) but the WDS link with the 2 AP/bridges (wap3205) can't restore by itself. I need to unplug/plug them to reinitialize the wds link.

Can you see any reason for this?

About the RIP, or multicast could you give me (practical) explanation on their use please?

For my understanding, if the RIP is not listening to the Broadcoast from the router, it doesn't know the link is down and doesn't restart the WDS service.
My router1 is configured RIP both RIP-2b, my remote routers listen only ( RIP in only, RIP-2b) but there is no where to configure this on the WAP3205...
Am I completely wrong

Help please :)
Any help please!!!
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