Need help choosing power supply

I need a $60 power supply. I am looking at these two right now.

The first one is modular which I like but the second one is cheaper. I am getting a haf 912 case.
My specs are i5-2400, Radeon 5850, and G. Skill Ripjaw 4gb (2x2gb). No sli or crossfire.
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  1. They are both decent power supplies for the money. I just got the bp550 a few weeks ago and it is excellent (running 4gb of g skill ram, athlon II x3, and HD 4850). It was also on sale for $44.99 though. The reasons I think it is a better choice are: it is semi modular and the cables have sheathing on them.
  2. The first would work.
    If you want modular, and a little more juice OCZ 600W ($50 after MIR)
  3. With the promo code and free shipping it makes the EA650 a really good deal and i would go for it over the BP550, the Earthwatts series is better than the Basiq series so i would pick the EA650 over the BP550 even though the Basiq is modular.
  4. For your rig, this one will actually be adequate -

    If you do need a higher wattage PSU though (for future expansion plans and such), this one is a quality make at a decent price -

    If you do not like mail in rebate schemes then check this out -
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