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I have a MSI 785GTM-E45 board with AMD Phenom II black ed.,4gbs ddr2 800MHZ, A Apevia warlock 750w psu, HD Radeon 5550, a Hitachi 1T SATA, A Barracuda 120 GB SATA, With win.7 ultimate. Everything is bran new yet the system continuously restarts itself. All is up to date in all areas. What should I do?
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  1. You could have a short in the case wiring, some cases' front panel USB ports are not properly grounded, and cause random re-starts if you bump the case or insert a USB device - solution: use a small wire to ground the USB ports to the case chassis. A faulty power button will also cause random restarts - solution: replace the power button (they are called momentary switches) and you can get them fairly cheap at radio shack.
  2. Hey Thanks for your input. I will try what you suggested. Is there any particular way I should connect the small wire from the USB ports to the case chassis? Again thank you very much.
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