CPU cooler, looks dmged. can I still use? let me know ASAP!

so it looks burnt/melted there..can i still use it? i'd hate to have to RMA just got it
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  1. Can you upload a better picture of it? I cant tell if thats scorch marks or if its just a bad soldering job.
  2. yeh one second


    here are some close ups

  3. It should still be fine... what cooler is it, exactly?
  4. its an artic freezer 7 pro rev.2
  5. Looks like someone was having a rough time with their soldering iron and burnt the flux, it will be fine, its still nicely sealed and its not damaged it just doesnt look at pretty as it could.
  6. Yeah those new shots looks fine. Basically there's 3 heat pipes wrapped around, so each has 1 end that had to be cut and closed up while the opposite end is normal.
  7. quick question i have the stock cooler of the amd 965, im trying to remove but after unscrewing the base its still stuck, is it thermal paste? i had a shop switch the mobo for me so i think they might have put that on how do i remove i was toying with it moving a little but im scared to ruin it. help?
  8. Once all the pins are out, just give it a little twist as you pull on it. If they went and put a thermal adhesive on there, then they should pretty much owe you a new CPU because that would be pants-on-head retarded. So yeah, thermal paste can get sticky... just twist it a bit.

    Also, make sure you totally clean the CPU off and apply new TIM. There's lots of guides on how to.
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