Front I/O Panel issues. Please Help!


I just bought a Sunbeam Acrylic 9-Bay and it came with an I/O panel that has power on, reset, 2 USB and 1 mic and 1 audio port.

The USB, Mic and Audio ports are a mystery to me. On my other case the I/O panel had very simple connections to the motherboard, this one comes with all sorts of junk divided up into tiny connectors and I don't know where the hell they go on my motherboard, the places I have plugged them into don't work or provide 'not working properly' errors. I HAVE consulted my motherboard manual - which is available here for you to see:

The mobo manual tells me my audio has to be plugged into the F_Audio area (in the photos below), but I've followed the instructions and still no sound from the front.

The mobo manual doesn't explain where the odd USB connectors need to go (in the photo, the 5V/D+/D- connector I assume? It's the only cord left from the I/O panel).

I have photos:
- USB connector (?):
- The jumbled mess of audio plugs:
- The only place I can seemingly plug my USB cords from the front panel, but doesn't work:
- The F_Audio area on the motherboard (the little green area in the middle of the pic):

What am I doing wrong?! Please help, I'm at my wit's end, I've been troubleshooting this for many hours and I'm gonna lose it soon.
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  1. That's very confusing.
    The audio connectors look like they could be the component parts of a normal audio connector (, so I guess you should look up the parts of the hd audio jack to figure out what order to put them in.
    That's no USB connector. I actually have no clue what it is. A USB connector is always two layers, much like a normal audio port.
    Those are the only two wires? That's odd too; there should be power and reset connectors.
    Call them up!
  2. The power and reset connectors are set up already. The only cords that are left are the two in the photos, and the only things not functioning on my front panel are the USB ports and the audio/mic jacks - so those two cords MUST be for them, no? Also I've been googling wiring instructions for this particular case all day - not a single result has come up, and I'm only finding reviews praising this case - no one seems to be having this problem but me apparently.

  3. Does anyone recognize those cables? Surely Sunbeam isn't creating their own standards in their cases.
  4. Audio, should be pins 1,2,3,5,and 9

    USB, shouldn't be to hard to decipher

  5. I tried your solution delluser, followed it to a T.

    Still no good on either the USB or the audio/mic jacks. It must be a defective panel. ARGH.
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