Help me diagnose my hardware failure

Hello everyone, before I begin to explain my issue please allow me to list my current specs

CPU: AMD Phenom II x4 965
GPU: GTX 460 768MB
PSU: Rosewill 750W
Ram: 4GB DD3
Mobo: Gigabyte MicroATX (at office do not have exact model with me)

I have had this computer for a couple of months now. I am running the machine with standard Bios (only adjusted originally to increase ram to proper speed labeled on packaging). The PC itself has been running just find, until now.

Recently I decided to get into gaming. Upgraded my GPU driver and booted up some Battlefield BC2, game ran great, but after only 10-15 minutes of gameplay my GPU would shut off and monitor would go blank. PC appeared to still have power as my fans and LED's were still turned on. (NOTE: I did run a GPU benchmark test with fan running at %100, ran for over an hour and no crashes) This happened a number of times until finally I could no longer boot up my PC with my GPU installed. Again my fans and LED's would turn on, but the monitor would stay in sleep mode. My first conclusion was that my GPU had overheated and possibly died. I proceeded to uninstall my GPU and connect to the on board graphics. This seemed to solve my problem until attempting to play a game. I played Left 4 Dead on minimum settings for about 10 minutes until the same problem occurred. I can now no longer boot from the on board graphics, same issue as the Graphics card.

I am far from a hardware expert and would greatly appreciate any input in regards to solving my problem. Currently my guesses would be a hardware malfunction in one of the following areas:

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  1. Definately swap the power supply first. Rosewill is hit or miss on quality. Newegg will take care of you with rosewill if you can wait for an rma.
  2. Thanks for the response,

    So the PSU could be the issue even though there is at least some power (Fans(including cpu fan) + LED's).
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    So you have a complex issue. Power supply is suspect and probably the easiest thing to replace. Even if fans are spinning, it may not be providing the system with enough power to turn everything on.

    If you really want to know for sure, you can buy a power supply tester for 10$ at a local PC shop. It will show you if the voltages are off. If they are it is also possible that the video card was damaged, but you won't know that until the offending part is replaced.
  4. Thank you, I will stop by Fry's on my way home from the office. I would not think that my video card was damaged (only because I had the same problem with my on board graphics) And also because I had no problems when running bench mark. It looks like my first step is to test out a new PSU.
  5. PSU or CPU... ??? look in add/remove. See if there was an update from windows that has something to do with a driver for the AMD processor. If so delete it and reboot. Then try it out. I had a similar problem on something and it was THAT driver that caused the issues.
  6. Replacing the PSU seems to have solved the problem. Thank you so much for help.
  7. Your welcome. Can you select best answer so we may close the thread?
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