69xx blues

Anybody else feel disapointed?
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  1. Not really, as I wasn't looking to get one anyway (a 5850 and a 470 are plenty). Until some half decent games with graphics that require better cards, new GPUs seem a bit pointless. Hopefully by 28nm we'll see better cards and games to match.
  2. And they chow down quite a bit of power too (that surprised me). Bright side is they scale well in CF, though I was never much of a dual card/GPU person.
  3. when they delay the launch i'd expect AMD to tweak 6970 to match or surpass GTX580 performance. the worse i'd expect the performance should be between 580 and 570 but when the cards out i'm quite surprise to see the performance only match or barely faster than 570. but at least i'm not disappointed to see the performance and for me the performance already good enough for the most of game out there.

    so...will we see price drops on nvidia 580 and 570 specifically? :sweat:
  4. ^ No, Why woudl they, They're cards already at worst match ATI's.

    THe only thing that would provoke that would be agresive cost cuttign by ATI.
  5. when i see AMD priced 6790 at 370 i think AMD doesn't have any interest to pick price war with nvidia. just my opinion though
  6. Same. Though they might be forced to lower prices if they start to lose market share.
  7. Well not a big boast in terms of performance; crossfire improvements nice to see but at the end of the day these cards proof to serve as just a fine tuner of the 5xxx before they change die size
  8. Right, but no one wants a fine tuning of any outdated and old tech.

    We wanted something new.
  9. Keep in mind AMD went and changed their numbering. I wouldn't be surprised if the release a 6990.

    Regardless, not dissapointed in the least. The top cards are always way overpriced, further skewing their price/performance. 6870, 6950, 470, 570 are about all the power you really need.

    Anyway, I won't be in the hunt for a new GPU for a few years so I'm just looking forward to see what die-shrinks will bring.
  10. They're will be a 6990, and it will be just as unimpresive and late as the 6970.
  11. I somewhat doubt that. One thing that AMD did awesome on this set of cards is CF scaling. And what is a 6990? A dual GPU (CF) card. I don't really like dual GPU cards or CF/SLI, but in terms of raw performance, it should be quite good. The real question is what (if anything) will NVidia answer with?
  12. Heres My predicted timeline: Nv luanches some form of dual GPU underclocked 460s.

    In addition, Severly underlcoked dual 580s.

    Ati lunaches a dual 6970 card.

    It shoulnt be to hard for nv, they got a lot better with power use.
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