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Hello every1! I got this problem... my friend just ordered a new rig that consumes alot of power and i was wondering if there is anyway to use 2 powersupplys for his rig. The problem is that i am not very comfortable when it comes to electricity and such and i wonder if i can just have 2 power supplies on eachother. Meaning one is starting with the computer and the otherone is started by flipping the switch on the backside of the PSU.

If this isnt working i would like a really in depth step by step guide on how to use 2x power supplies on one computer.

I've heard from 3dgameman (youtube) that you can setup 2x PSU's with a dual PSU adapter cable, i however cant find this in any swedish store... i am also wondering if i can use the PSU he ordered with him (Corsair ATX 1200W PSU) and his old 650W one or if it has to be the same.

Link to corsair psu on newegg

the thing that draws so much power is his 4x SLI GeForce 580 GPU's, i'm thinking using 2 of these on the 2nd PSU and the other 2 on the primary

thx in advance for the answers i'm getting!
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  1. Check out redundant power supplies..:)
  2. so basicly i can hook up his old 600w psu with his new 1200psu using this method?

    also these "needle nose pliers" he was talking about, what are those exactly? in my quite bad english i dont really understand what it is...

    instead of using this "needle nose pliers" can i take off some old pins from a SATA power connector in his even older trash (burnt) psu and use these as connector pins.

    also since it is his system i dont want to FKK up his new PSU, i will not do anything that even should make him worry, right?

    i mean if he goes like " :/ i would rather not let you do that" i can show him this post and the thread explaining on how to do it and it will calm him down, i hope :)
  3. IH8U said:
    Would probably be easier to pick up a pinout kit like this one: http://www.frozencpu.com/products/12179/too-35/Lamptron_Deluxe_Modular_5-in-1_Cable_Sleeve_Modding_Tool_Kit_w_Neoprene_Tool_Case_-_Black.html?tl=g44c133s257
    $28 (they also ship international)

    If you just need a standard SATA power connector, these are cheap: http://www.frozencpu.com/products/1792/ele-135/FrozenCPU_ConnectRight_DIY_SATA_EZ_Crimp_Connector_-_Black_-_90_M-SCA-16F-BK.html?tl=g44c155s649
    $1.25 ea. Crimp on SATA power connector.

    I kinda need the PSU to be working the day after tomorrow since that is when the parts come and also the day when me and my friend are going to a big LAN party with over 100people sitting in a local swettin' and playin :) so i can order one of these but i cant use it until it comes and i need a fix that works in the meantime!

    And for that SATA power connector what i meant wasnt to get a new one. What i meant was taking out one of the male connectors from it and solder it on a cable to make one of these "bridge" cables that goes over from the 24pin's green cable to the black one. But i just looked at a PSU now and realized that it wont work. the male pin is way too large.
  4. Just tried this with a paperclip like so many did on youtube. Worked like a charm! Thx!
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