My computer freezes when I try to access the bios

I have an asus P5N-D motherboard.
I have an issue with the Bios
I cannot access cmos at boot
The computer boots normally, but when I hit del to access cmos, the Pc freezes.
Any Ideas? Plz?
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  1. I would flash the BIOS to a newer version. Perhaps yours is corrupted at some point...

    Or, you could open up your case, remove the CMOS battery, discharge all power (unplug system & press power button), wait some time. Put the battery back in. This will reset all BIOS settings to default (e.g. overclocking, customizations, etc.), perhaps something is messed up and this could fix it.
  2. They CMOS battery is a thing to try but if the bios is corrupt the only thing you can do is reflash an updated version
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