What to put in front bays of new pc

this may sound like an odd question but i just finished my new computer build and the case i am using is an haf-x which has a number of bays in the front to be filled. i have a blu ray drive in one. but the others are empty. are there any recommendations for what to place in those bays? i know some builders use fan controllers and different things like that. anyone have any ideas? i just dont want it to look so dull in the front! thanks, anything flashing lights or the sort
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  1. HAF-X?
    No question about it. A beer holder. Samuel Adams is my choice.
  2. WR2 said:
    No question about it. A beer holder. Samuel Adams is my choice.

    :lol: you remember back in the day when peeps would send you a "beer holder link" and when you clicked it your cd drive would open up ? It's been years since Iv'e seen that link but it was funny as h*ll.
  3. haha i know it was a dumb question. but i look on youtube and see these awesome cases with lights and stuff. just wanted something like that. i liked both the answers haha
  4. i had the 932 but took it back for the X..had to go bigger haha
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    There was a trend to put 5.25" LCD touchscreen panels in the front drive bays but I haven't seen much of those kits lately.

    Custom fan grills can set a case apart from others in an understated way.
  6. yea i had seen the touch screens for fan controllers. i hadnt thought of the fan grill. that sounds like something i might look into. never can have too many fans haha
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