Hawaii: How do I Disable GPU to save Energy??

I live in Hawaii. The electricity costs here are enormous,
with taxes and add-in costs, the average kilowatt is
.45 cents, or about half a dollar. An HD-5770 draws more than 125w at idle!
Websurfing or office apps don't need the raw power that games do. It seems
like a big waste.

Is there an easy way to disable a GPU card in favor of
the onboard vidio for those times when I don't need
it? (other than removing the card)

Can ya turn it off at boot up (bios), then switch the DVI plug into mobo?
Use a KVM switch?

I'm building a new rig with gaming capability, and thought I might get an ASRock mobo with
on-board video, with the idea of swapping between the GPU card and the energy hungry onboard video.

Any insight would be much appreciated.
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  1. No easy switching there... "Run with what you brung" or swap it out with a lower power card. Going with a new MB with a GPU is a good option also if you are not gaming.
  2. Okay, I was afraid of that.

    Are there conflict problems with having both; does having onboard vid hurt
    the performance of an add-in GPU?

    As I understand, uh, with ATI, there are some "crossfire" offerings between onboard vid and GPU. Is that worth the bother?

  3. Well,because my country has a large cost per kilowatt,here's what I do:
    I use a laptop and a netbook for office apps and 2d work and my watt cruncher desktop while gaming.
  4. Yes, you might want to purchase an extra low-power computer.
    It probably sucks as the money per kilowatt in Canada is about 8 cents per KW
  5. hamlet_jones said:
    An HD-5770 draws more than 125w at idle!

    No the HD 5770 does not draw 125w when it's idle. Maybe your entire system, but not the HD 5770.

  6. Well, that makes me feel better. I was worried about what I saw on the
    following chart. Maybe I read it wrong, or it's erroneous:
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    From the review you linked:

    For this test we hooked up our power supply to a UPM power meter that will log the power consumption of the whole system twice every second.
  8. Doh! Thanks for catching that, I certainly didn't.

    Gives cause for me to ditch the contemplation
    of using a 45w quad.
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