2600k voltage jumping

Set up a 2600k build today and I noticed that in BIOS the CPU voltage randomly jumps from 1.165v to and from 1.179v. It is always those two numbers, though, nothing higher or lower. Also, an annoying whine can be heard from the Corsair 850HX and sometimes the computer will shut down for a random amount of time and reboot. I'm thinking defective power supply, but I want your opinions before I RMA through Newegg. I changed all the CPU settings in the UEFI BIOS to manual and the voltage jumps and random shutdowns/restarts still occur. Although, I haven't noticed any problems with any of the other components... so I really don't know. I have a HAF X with all the fan positions filled and they all run without stuttering or stopping.

ASRock z68 extreme4
i7 2600k
Ripjaws X 16gb 1600
Crucial M4 128gb
WD Caviar Black SATA3 500gb
CM Hyper 212+

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  1. physically set the volts to 1.165 that will stop it bouncing about.
    also make sure hpet is set to match your o.s. 32 for 32bit and 64 for 64 bit.
    when you save and quit get the windows boot menu up (press f8 at the splash screen) and select turn off auto restart at fail, this will allow you to see the bsod and error numbers...
    write them down as follows
    error description (you should see a small description of the error like. irq_not_less_or_equal_to)
    followed by a hex number in 0x00000000 (00000000,0000000..... ) format.
    just write the first number and the first number behind the bracket.
    hopefully this will point to the error/fault
  2. I don't even have Windows installed yet. I believe I tried manually setting the vcore, but I'll try again. I've heard that faulty PSU's can cause voltage fluctuation in different components and, frankly, the loud, high-pitched whine coming from the 850HX isn't too reassuring. Newegg is sending a replacement that will arrive tomorrow, so we'll see. If it doesn't change, I may start looking at the motherboard as the cause of the restarts. Any other opinions?
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    yes the psu could be the culprit for all the problems. high pitched squeal is never a good thing.
    glad to hear newegg are sending a replacement asap. let us know how it goes.
  4. So I received the replacement the next day and popped it in the case and everything ran smoother than a baby's bottom. No random shutdowns/restarts, vcore was stable, haven't had a problem yet. Thanks for the help guys. If Newegg hadn't sent that replacement ASAP I would've incorrectly started looking at the motherboard. Bad parts happen, nothing against Corsair: the new PSU is almost 100% inaudible and runs at nice, low temperatures.
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