Building a mid-range beast! (Sli GTX460 Black challenge!!)

Hey folks I'm building my own PC for the first time (done wasting money on pre-built garbage) and i need some help from the pro's.

I need to sli a pair of these...

Problem is these (ECS GTX460 Black) come equipped with gigantic coolers!
They take apoximately 3 pci slots and considering the dual fans and gtx460chip consume lots of power. Please recommend me a motherboard with sufficient pci space for two of these cards and a PSU with sufficient power for these power hungry cards. Thanks in advance!!
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  1. Does it NEED to be SLI 460? If you want an SLI build, you could try out the 1000$ build I have, switch out those G-cards for your 2 460's. It'll work just fine.
  2. Yes, I've decided on these cards specifically because of their cooling power (its amazing). I never overclocked anything but provided i would have to at some point....these cards would allow me to do so and not sacrifice low temperatures/stability!

    I found this motherboard to be spacious enough but with my current luck it seems it only supports crossfire!,13-128-435-Z02,13-128-435-Z03,13-128-435-Z04,13-128-435-Z05&S7ImageFlag=1&Item=N82E16813128435&Depa=0&WaterMark=1&Description=GIGABYTE%20GA-890GPA-UD3H%20AM3%20AMD%20890GX%20SATA%206Gb/s%20USB%203.0%20HDMI%20ATX%20AMD%20Motherboard

    Anyone know of any boards with similar pci layout and support for sli?
  3. Well not just those cards are good. The DirectCu for the 6850 in CF run much better (not by much but they do run better) that 460's in SLI. That overclock to about the same.

    Low temps don't always mean stability as well. It also has to do with how the person OCs. I can keep my 5850 below 70 running the fan 100% and it will run stable. It performs at the level of the 5870 (a little over) once overclocked.
  4. AMD = No support for CF unless you choose to use the Nvidia chipsets. Which would render CPU overclocking useless.

    What is your budget exactly.
  5. *Edit*

    My mistake....i couldn't use that because of AMD chipset. I don't plan on using AMD; these are the components....

    Case: Cooler Master CM690 Advance Black

    CPU: i7 950

    GPU: 2 ESC GTX460 Black

    Ram: G.Skill 8GB

    PSU: Corsair CMPSU-750TX (good enough?)

    My budgets around 950-1100. What do you think?
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    Then why go for the old i7's when the new SB's are coming back next month? Take a look at my 1000$ build, it should look similar to your liking. May even come out cheaper.
  7. Intel i series; first i've heard of them. *2nd Edit* Found the price & The motherboard i was looking for!!

    Thank you very much for bringing this to my attention!
    Your 1k builds are excellent price to value set ups!
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  9. Hahha good luck.
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