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I have a GTS 150 in my system. It came with my gateway. Recently stripped all the parts off, new motherboard and she runs like a dream. Still stuck with the 150. Doing some digging, found out you can run them in SLI. Sadly its a vendor only part. Anyone know where I can pick up another one? It runs all my games on high settings but I would like to max the rest out especially when I move to my 32" monitor. I Just dont have the cash to invest in a NEW card right now. Any thoughts?
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  1. I think you mean the GTS 250....
  2. The GTS 250 can be run in SLi but you will need a SLi capable motherboard.
  3. no i meant 150 OEM board.

    Its like a low clocked 250. But I figured since it was an OEM board people were just storing in their desks for the ol' just in case card...

    Currently running an i7 920 on an asus sabertooth. Able to run SLI.
  4. Yeah its ran hard for my rig for a while now. Thanks for the advice.
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