Monitor goes into stand by when playing demanding games

whenever i play high end games a few mins after my monitor would go into standby mode. the CPU is still running but the monitor is on stand by and the only way to correct his is to restart the PC

MY specs are
amd phenom II x4 955 3.2 ghz processor
2gb corsair ddr 3 memory
msi 790fx-gd70 mobo
coolmax 700w power suppply
msi geforce gtx 275 oc video card
western digital 1tb green hdd
wstern digital 500gb blue
antec 1200 case
windows 7 ultimate
hp mx705 17 inch crt monitor
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  1. Will things work again if you turn the monitor off and on again? Or turn the monitor off, unplug it, plug it back in, and then turn it on?

    Almost makes me wonder if there's a problem of some sort with your video card. This is a bizarre one for sure.

    In Windows 7, go into the Power Saving features and set it so it "NEVER" turns off the monitor. Just in case for some reason Windows is shutting down your monitor for some reason.
  2. double check all connections and cords for a possible short. Also, update graphics drivers just in case. If neither of these point to or fix your problem, I would venture that your graphics card is bad. Do you have a different monitor you could test it with? Perhaps your CRT is just getting old.
  3. Ooh that's right it is a CRT. Wonder if it's aging and some component inside is getting hot and failing. Interesting.
  4. Your problem is your c.... PSU.
    When you are gaming heavily, and your system is draining most power, it's not able to feed all the components. There are some reviews that show that their 750W is actually 450W, and burned when asked to provide 500W.
    Also, get some extra RAM, for 2Gb is close to nothing when it comes to gaming.
  5. well i upgrade to 4gb ram and i havent seen it count out yet but i havent done any real hard core gaming for a long period of time. will keep u guys posted. thanks for the advice
  6. well yesterday while playing fifa 11, it start back going into standby, so the problem still exist, checking the monitor next
  7. so new monitor, new memory and it still goes into standby sometimes. less frequent now tho
  8. I believe it's your PSU. I will explain my reasoning for this. 2 years ago I bought two of the exact same computer for myself and my fiancee. About 8 months ago her PSU died and so I pulled an old 500w (both of our new ones came stock with 350w) from a very old computer (we are talking 6 - 7 years old at the time) and installed it into her computer. It ran fine for a short while but then it started not wanting to come out of sleep mode when hibernating. When you turn it off and turn it back on, it would not immediately want to give power to the system to start. It would literally take 3 - 5 minutes after pressing the power button before it would power up.

    Now i felt bad she had to deal with this and opted to put my PSU from my new comp into hers and put the old one into my comp. The difference between our comps now is that i'm running 3 fans instead of her 1, a oversized fan and heatsink 2 HD's and 2 Monitors. Needless to say I've done some work on mine and her's has remained stock (other than replacing the HD). Now I am experiencing the same problem she was at not being able to come out of hibernation. About 2 weeks ago a new problem arose. When playing games, both monitors seemed to just shut down after about an hour of game time. As of today I cannot spend more than 3 minutes in game before they shut down.

    I've ordered a new PSU as of a few hours ago however I have also pulled the Wireless card, 56k Modem (why it has one I have no idea), pulled the 2 extra case fans and pulled the power from the DVD rom drive. I will attempt to play a game once I finish posting this and give an update, however as I've said, our systems are close to identical still, regardless of the extra's I've pumped into mine. But her problem (Monitor seeming to shut down on hibernation and not come back up) transferred to my computer once I moved this PSU from one to another computer.
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