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i am currently using a 2wire wireless gateway modem thingy. i hate it. the wireless is weak, the lights are too bright at night, and it just pretty much sucks in evert other wayy too. (i got it pretty much free though). so i thought:
hey, why dont i ditch the 2wire junk, and, seeing that i already have a good quality netgear wireless router sitting in its box in the closet, get one of those little speedstream modems. and use that setup instead!
so i got myself a used SPEEDSTREAM 5100 by EFFICIENT NETWORKS, ethernet adsl modem.
so i plug it in, all the lights do theyre thing, and connect it via ethernet to my xp pro laptop so i can configure it to my at&t account. uhoh: LIMITED OR NO CONNECTIVITY. i clicked it for details. apparenty it wasnt assigned an ip address. i clicked repair, no luck. i tried it on my win7 ultimate x64 computer, no luck either. so how do i fix it? thanks!
ps i tried to access the modems config page by using http://speedstream. didnt work
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  1. Is the address you used as per the manual -- or have you tried the usual
    failing which go to Accessories, Command Prompt and type IPCONFIG /ALL (obviously with computer connected by wire to modem). The address next to the word GATEWAY should get you in.
  2. will try later when im done trying to crack my own wifi's wep password (just for fun, i do of course know it :) ). thanks!
  3. see where it says gateway its empty? and look at the little limited or no connectivity icon in the corner. :(
  4. Yes, that suggests that there's either a poor connection between the computer and the Speedstream or that's jammed up.

    If you haven't already I'd first check TCP/IP Properties.

    Start, Connect To, Connection, Properties, Scroll Down TCP/IP and highlight, click Properties and check that Obtain DNS and IP address automatically are enabled.

    Then see if you can find a full manual for the Speedstream and use the reset button on it.

    Frankly rather than mess with a separate modem and router -- if the Speedstream is broken, I'd buy an integrated modem/wireless router.
  5. i already have a 2wire wireless gateway (also got used) but 2wire makes junk. and i tried a hard reset.
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