Crossfire 5850s WEI score

Hi does anybody know if Windows Experience Index recognize crossfire i got 7.7 with one 5850 and 7.7 with 2 there definatly both running
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  1. I wouldn't rely on WEI. Just play some games and compare to benchmarks given by websites.
  2. yer thought us much just interesting no change at all
  3. Only if you up the clock ratings. Memory and clock stay the same in Xfire. If the rest of your WEI scores are around 7.7, than it shows a fairly balanced system. WEI is not a benchmark score, it mainly shows weak points in your system. 7.7 isn't bad for a 5850.
  4. Pretty sure wei does NOT run tests that engage multi-gpu. You can go to your
    and examine the xml files, it runs numerous tests, checks driver version, memory size.
    Mine is 7.7 for both gpu scores as well.
    When I had a 4770, if I o/c it , 7.1 ? I think
  5. just ran 3dmark vantage and 11 used to get P1300 on vantage now i get H1600+ and just under P7000 in 11

    thanks for advice guys
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