Memory bought separately for dual channel

I recently bought a second memory card when i upgraded to a new mobo, I have 2 1gb memory cards bought separately, one Dell, one Kingston. It wasn't a dual memory pack, can this be a problem? the speed capabilities of each card are matchable.

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  1. U need to post specs of the RAM and mobo...
  2. Try it, if it doesn't work, then its a problem.
  3. I have a Biostar n68s am2/am3 mobo, AMD Athlon ii x2 260 and 2x1gb memory cards, one dell that max speed is 400mhz and new one that says it can handle the slow speed of 400mhz.

    My question, really was meant to be a generic question to see if people have had these kinds of problems by buying unmatched memory cards or if I should be looking more at the software aspect.

    Any help or information will be appreciated,

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