Is my new PSU causing issues with my GPU?

Have just installed a Seasonic X-Series 760W to replace a CMGX750W (because of noise)

Now whenever I play a WMP file on my second display (HDMI linked plasma) I get near constant horizontal line interference and shaking vertically of the screen..

My first display (DVI linked 20" LCD) seems affected.

The only other change made doing this was turn fans in the BIOS to silent, but changing them back to standard doesn't fix it.

Any ideas on what might be causing this?

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  1. To be sure try connecting your old PSU once more and see if the problem is still there.
    If not with the old PSU then it would be a good time to return your new one for a new one.
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    I doubt it's a psu issue.
    More likely a display driver issue.
    Look into your display cables and software settings.
    A psu(hardware) does not cause your problems.
  3. Thanks guys for the help

    soest009 the PSU seems ok as when I reinstalled the same happened.

    Dav thanks man, don't know why but in the process of changing the PSU I lost stuff, my OC BIOS settings and it seems also driver support for the GPU, why I have no idea.

    Spent about two hours with a black screen after every non safe reboot but got there.

    This is my first PC build so its all fun learning new stuff.

    Cheers guys
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