Asrock 890GX Extreme3 'asrock 1394 guid are invalid'


I have been using Asrock 890GX Extreme3 for a while and was working perfectly until I decided to update bios.

Now when it boot it gives message '1394 guid are invalid in both cmos and flash' asks to press F1 to continue but when I press F1 nothing happens. It just get stuck. Can not go into BIOS.

I have done CMOS reset and also changes the battery but still same.

I think this is because 1394 is enabled as default BIOS. Can someone please give me backup file with disabled 1394 in BIOS? may be it will work.

May Thanks
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  1. I have a very similar motherboard. The reason it won't let you into the bios, is because the keyboard you're using isn't being powered. A lot of wireless USB keyboards, and a few wired USB keyboards have that problem. If you're using a wireless, try a wired. If you're already using a wired, try a PS/2 keyboard.
  2. Hi

    Thanks for your reply! I was using USB keyboard, tried PS/2 keyboard but still no go. It flashes light of the keyboard for a second while booting than stays off. any idea?

  3. Wow, sorry mate. Maybe look through the motherboard manual to see if there are any jumpers to switch around? I can't really think of much else to do. I was having the same problem, but using a wired keyboard fixed it for me.
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