Turn off usb when computer shutdown ON AN ASUS SABERTOOTH 76 BOARD

I have a Steelseries Sensi mouse connected to a new PC with an ASUS Sabertooth 76 motherboard. When I shut the computer down the Sensi continues to give off a slowly pulsing white light light from the bottom.

I assume that the USB port is still powered up and providing it power.

It is mildly annoying and I would like to have the USB ports turned off when the computer is shutdown.
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  1. Check bios to see under Power Management if you have ErP/EuP mode.
  2. Yup, SpadeM is correct. I've been having this problem for ages but i solved it by ENABLING the ErP mode on my Asus Sabertooth X79. It's a shame i didn't find this page eariler as i had already changed the setting literally just before i found this. Just my luck.... :P
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