Connecting WGR614 to an LG LD550

I have a WGR614v6 NETGEAR router. I am attempting to connect an LG LD550 LCD TV wirelessly but am having problem securing the following information: IP Address, Subnet Mask, Gateway and DNS Server. Please help me secure this information. I have been to, but not all this information can be found there, or I haven't found it.
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  1. Go Start, All Programs, Accessories, Command Prompt. At the black and white screen type IPCONFIG /ALL and look for the word gateway -- that's the IP address of the router. The Subnet Mask will also be shown.

    Log into the router setup screens (see Netgear manual for how) to find the address of your DNS server
  2. @DaveMan
    It seems you may not be connected properly to the wireless network with the LD550.
    When that happens, the TV doesn't get the required IP, subnet mask, default gateway and dns.
    Recheck your wireless password and make sure your connecting to your network.

    By default the router has SSID: NETGEAR, so there's a chance that you maybe picking up another "NETGEAR" from the neighborhood.
    Make sure your SSID is unique and have the wireless network secured.

    Here's a link that will help you to recheck all the settings on your WRG614v6 router.
    Netgear Knowledge Base

    Also make sure the Access Control List feature is disabled
    [That is mac address filtering for wireless devices]
    This page shows how to enable Wireless Access List
    Just read through it and disable it if it is enabled.
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