AMD 6CORE or iNTEL i5 760 ; DAW reviews

Could you please inform me: If I am building a DAW for midi orchestrating and composing (running Finale; Cue Base or Steinberg,and Garriton full libraries); in light of the sandy beach recall on second gen Intel chips;
Would the component combo of :
Intel 760 and the ASUS P7H55 M ( LG1155 socket)be a good choice for building a DAW to use for the next few years ?
Also , I intend to by an audio interface for latency .

Thank you very much for your help,

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  1. i would go with the i5 760 over the AMD 6 core
    but like the above posted mentioned, you will need an 1156 socket mobo
  2. There isn’t and never has been a recall on the 2nd generation Intel® Core™ processors. Now there was an issue with the B2 stepping on early “6” series boards; this has been resolved and you can no longer even buy an old B2 stepping board. Almost all the motherboard manufacturers took the added step of added a “B3 or version 3.0 on to their boards to show that they are not the older “B2” stepping. So you have nothing to fear from the 2nd generation Intel Core processors.
    So for the price range that you are looking to get an Intel Core i5-760 and a P7H55 board you can move up to the Intel Core i5-2500 (which is a much better processor) and a new H67, P67 or Z68 board for it. For heavy audio work the Intel Core i5-2500 would be very good but the Intel Core i7-2600 would be even better.
    If you move up to the 2nd generation Intel Core processors you are going to want to make sure you get a P67, H67, or Z68 chipset based board to match up with it. These chipsets support the 2nd generation Intel Core processors with their socket LGA 1155.

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
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