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Can I use s-video and vga port at the same time?

I want to connect two monitors to a dell dimension 8200. The system has no built in video. But it does have an AGP nvidia card which has a vga output and an s-video output. Could I get an s-video to vga adapter, and run two monitors, at the same time, with that one card?

I have tried putting in a second video card - a pci card - but that just does not work.
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  1. Technically you can, I never tried that way before, so all I can say is: just try it. :)
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    S-video will be restricted to 1024x768 and smaller screen resolutions.
  3. 1024 x 768 is fine. But, I still don't quite understand about he adapters. Some cost a few dollars, others around $50. I am guessing they are not the same thing. I will do some more research.
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