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What PSU for Radeon HD 5750?

Hello friends,
can any one tell me which of the following PSU will suit my need?

1> Zebronics delta 520w 24A on 12v
2> Gigabyte superb 460w 14A+15A on 12v
3> Cooler Master extreme power plus 460W 18A+18A on 12V
4> Corsair CX430 28A on 12v

The system is as follows:
AMD Athlon II X4 640 3GHz (hoping to unlock L3 by choosing a deneb core)
Asus M4A78LT-M
2X2GB Corsair XMS3 1333 MHz
MSI/Sapphire Radeon HD 5750 1GB DDR5
80GB Seagate SATAI
1TB WD Caviar Blue SATAII
LG SATA DVD writer
Avermedia PCI AverTV 009/709

Thanx in advance.
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  1. I would choose #4 Corsair plenty for the 5750. However if you will be upgrading later on, and/or overclocking your CPU, I would consider getting something 520W or better, from Antec, Corsair, XFX or any good brand for $10-20 more. That would run any decent graphic card.
  2. Of your given choices, i'll advocate for the Corsair CX 430.. Btw, are those the only units available for you to purchase..? There are some good Antec units available at decent prices..
  3. Agree with Emperus, check out the Antec units they are awesome, and thanks to Tom's hardware, you can check the actual manufacturer.,2913.html

    A lot of Antecs are made by Seasonic.
  4. Yes, I know-as cronos177 said- that corsair is plenty for 5750. But my budget is tight. So I want to avoid overkill, especially when I won't add more devices to the system. Antec is not available here. As for 5750, it would draw 89W max TDP/ 12V = 7.42 A. CPU 130W max(no overclock)/12V = 10.83 A. So 18.25 A plus others. Won't 24A be OK? I know that cheaper PSUs wear off more quickly and slowly fail to provide required power, but I will have sufficient money in the next 2years to buy a better PSU. What do you say??
  5. In that case, I believe yes, Single rail PSU's are better. What are the prices where you are of those?
  6. 1> INR 1500 (about 33 USD)
    2> INR 2000 (about 44 USD)
    3> INR 2450 (about 54 USD)
    4> INR 2600 (about 58 USD)
  7. Honestly, it is a tough one, since I can't find anything on Zebronics, and I am not really sure how the 2 Rails on options #3 and 4 will distribute for CPU/GPU and other components. Sorry, but to be sure, I would still have to suggest the Corsair.
  8. I guess you are residing in India.. Which city may I ask..??
  9. But, as I would argue, 5750 is the first in 5000 series to require a PCI-e power connector. 5670 draws 64W max from mobo. I have a 4670 that has 59W max TDP, draws from a 450W 17A. Zebronics is a renowned Indian brand. They must have tried their PSU on a gfx card. What would that be, below 5750?? Don't misunderstand me, but it's my logic.
  10. To Emperus: I reside in Kolkata.
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    Honestly, all the PSU's that you have listed in your query are crap.. Except the Corsair model that is.. Zebronics is the crappiest of them all..
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  13. Although I bought Gigabyte, I now know CX430 should have been the ideal choice since
    i) That Gigabyte is a 400W PSU
    ii) Moreover it is a dual rail with a beefy 15A on CPU rail but only a 14A on GPU
    iii) CX430 can deliver much more than 430W steadily and its V2 is an 80plus

    Anyway, thanx to all.
  14. May I know if you bought it from Chadni Market in Kolkata or not? I'm also planning to get a decent Corsair CX430 soon.
  15. 008Rohit said:
    May I know if you bought it from Chadni Market in Kolkata or not? I'm also planning to get a decent Corsair CX430 soon.

    Yup, I bought the Gigabyte from Arihant @ 2000+. The CX430 is cheaper in Vedant. Maybe about 2350+.
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