Monitor loses video feed after a few about 30 seconds?

I turn my computer on and after a short time (maybe 30-60 seconds) my monitor goes to saying there is no video connected. I can barely enter the bios/setup menu before i lose the video. It shows me the boot screen so the video does start to work but then it just stops. All i have changed is I tried to put in a new hard drive today (SATA 3.0) and after i did the computer booted just fine but then I tried to burn a disk and sometime while the "windows disc image burner" was running my computer froze and when i tried to boot it back up the problem started. I have unhooked everything inside my computer except the video card the ram the processor and the fans, but it still only shows video for that short period of time. Does anybody have any idea what this problem is? Is it a broken video card? Or a broken motherboard? What else can i try to locate exactly what is causing me the problem?

Also I have a 700 watt PSU so I doubt that it isn't getting enough power and my motherboard has no onboard video card.
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  1. Do you have a bootable CD you can use? See if you can get a bootup using the CD.
    There are a number of LiveCDs you can build or burn that give you some rescue tools.

    Trinity Rescue Kit
  2. yeah i have got bootable CD's but it wont even go far enough to boot any of them it doesn't appear to shut off the whole computer just the video. I can still hear the rest of it running
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