M4a89gtd pro usb3 no sound...

I built my computer about a year ago and the sound has worked fine till today when i decided to do some cable management. I believe that everything is hooked up correctly but when i turn on my computer i get no sound. I have my speakers connected to the back ios? plate to the light green input. Every now and then i get a popping sound from the speakers but no sound from anything else. Also when i plug them in and take them out i get a buzzing or cracking sound.

Any help would be much appreciated.
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  1. theres a constant static/cracking/poping sound going through the speakers. ive tried headphones and get the same thing

    EDIT: also when i turn it on it makes a whining sound for a second.

    anyone have any ideas?
    Ive deleted audio drivers and they have been reinstalled and reset the bios
  2. anyone?
  3. I have the *exact* same board, and this just started happening to me today!

    I've also reinstalled drivers a few times.

    So, did you manage to fix it, or..?
  4. Did anyone fix it ?
  5. Gettin the same issue ;(
  6. I updated my BIOS 2 days ago and after that I have no sound, and I google it and try everything (really whatever I could find), but still no sound.

    Reading all this posts I concluded that I have the same issue as you all do, so I decided to post myself.

    (Same motherboard here :hello: )

    But what could it be ? :ouch:
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